Asylum – Developer Diary Day 25

Today was the day I added the first object that can be picked up and integrate the UI (Work in progress) so that when the object, in this instance the torch/flashlight, the UI Panel displays information about it’s use, a warning about batteries, and locks the player in place so they can read and dismiss the UI Panel. The tricky bit here was getting my UnityScript assets to talk with C# assets and getting my head around how to pass information to different scripts on different objects.

Asylum 25

At the moment I have placed the torch on the floor at the end of a corridor, obviously it won’t be there in the end, it will be {secret location hidden}. In the game now the player doesn’t begin with the torch (how it should be), but when they find it and pick it up previous routes there were impossible to see down will be open for exploration.

So, what happened to yesterday, well I did indeed do some work on Asylum focusing on trying to see what methods are available to show visible light, or for those technical minded – God Rays, which is a shaft of light. I really want to use them for the windows because it will add a lot of depth to the scene. At the moment I haven’t been able to find a workable solution with the tools I have.

My apologises for the really dark images, the Asylum will be illuminated stronger later on 🙂