Asylum – Developer Diary Day 29

The user interface that I was previously using was designed by someone else, but it served as an excellent template that I could use to create my own GUI. The process is relatively straight-forward. You have to create the individual elements of the GUI; button, window frame, scroll bar top, etc, etc, and then convert those into an atlas file, which is basically a large image that contains all of the smaller images. Fortunately the process for this is simply selecting the GUI elements and clicking a button 🙂

Asylum 29 GUI

It’s not a great screenshot I know, as I mentioned before the flashlight won’t actually be in the corner of a corridor, but for now it’s good enough. At the moment I’ve just gone for a simple outline window, I don’t want something that is elaborately designed because I don’t feel that would fit in well with the environment. Of course I may change my mind as I progress further into the Asylum.

And so the player can now locate the flashlight, read information about it’s use and continue on his merry way towards the darkened areas of the building.

Asylum 29 - God Rays


Next up will definitely be clutter objects; carts, clipboards, and general environment dressing items that make the place look used.