Asylum – Developer Diary Day 32-33

Progress has been a little slower than expected, but there is a lot too do. Lot’s to model and lots to texture.

Day 32: Short and sweet, modelled up a chair for outside of the cells. Obviously the patients loved ones would need somewhere to sit while they waited to see the patient. Of course something has gone terribly wrong in the asylum so the chairs are strewn about the place – perhaps a madman has rampaged through the corridors throwing everything in his path?

Day 33: Much more productive today adding light switches to the rest of the cells and also introducing the patients notes clipboard and papers. The players cell has a clipboard on the floor outside the door but no papers!

And finally I’ve been playing around with some blood. Adding a smear to the flashlight/torch required area that leads to the first puzzle (when it’s done).




I think I will take a look at the reception room for this floor, the janitors station and the stairwell next.