Asylum – Developer Diary Day 34

Today was a bit hit and miss. With Windows 8.1 being released I needed to do an update to AutoWallpaper to ensure that it worked correctly under the latest version of Windows. I have also been notified that AutoWallpaper doesn’t operate at all under OS X Maverick, unfortunately at the moment, probably due to the number of people trying, I haven’t been able to download and install the new version to try out.

Anyway, after all that I set to work on creating the stairwell for Asylum. As you can see from the screenshot below it’s looking pretty nice although at the moment it isn’t textured or optimised for the game. I was playing around in Unity with sorting out the various collision elements that would be needed. Plus, Shade 3D decided to crash on me just I was I putting the last banister in place, so I had to redo 30 minutes of modelling – not impressed.

Asylum 34