Asylum – Developer Diary Day 37

Returning to the character model that is slumped against the door I decided that the positioning wasn’t all that great. So, I decided to rig the model and move it into place in a more natural way (by rotating joints). Rigging is one of those things that very quickly gets insanely complicated. And in fact my first attempt had some vertices in the waist being connected to the hand – opps.

But I found a nice auto-rigger with, I just uploaded the character model in a neutral pose, set up the key points (chin, wrist, elbow, knee) and the auto-rigger worked it’s magic. A few minutes later I had a preview of my model walking about – perfect.

I was then able to pose the character how I wanted. Next up was adding some more grunge and blood to her skin and clothes to make it look like she’d really been attacked, and finally a quick tweak to the blood scrawled message on the wall.

No screenshot today as I would almost be duplicating the shot from yesterday.

My next challenge is wiring up a keypad for the double doors for the player to interact with.