Asylum – Developer Diary Day 40

40 Days already. Where does the time go.

A little slower with development today. The construction of the reception room (and janitor’s closet) started out rather slowly as I needed to make sure of the dimensions of the room so that it would fit in the area between the two rows of cells, and also that the double door would fit perfectly in the whole in the wall. So far I’ve modelled the floor, walls and ceiling of the new room and ensured that it did indeed slide into place correctly.

With the new room structure in place I returned to something that needed altering for quite a while. The little tip that displays on interactable objects such as door handles and keypads was not visible when the player had a torch on and were very close to the object in question. So, a quick experiment with colour options and I found a nice tint that would work with or without the torch. Fortunately Unity allowed me to select every object with the same name (Message and Key in this instance) and change all of them at once, without that little feature it would have take at least 30 minutes to go through each one separately.

And so onward with the reception room…