Puzzle Game Dev Diary 3

Just a short update to say that I’m still developing my puzzle game despite some serious set backs because of the new tax law. Originally I had planned the Reflex reboot to be for Windows, and probably Mac, and then later for Android. This has changed now and I suspect I will be releasing for Android first and then Windows and Mac later once I’ve re-evaluated the online payment requirements.

Anyway, today I’ve been playing around with different graphic styles. I haven’t quite made up my mind to do the game using 3d rendered visuals (like the original) or switch to a more cartoony vector based style. I threw together some graphics  to try out, replacing the previously shown floor and wall tiles, to see what it might look like. At the moment I’m favouring the vector style – this style also seems to be ‘in’ at the moment.

With any luck by making the change and working out the style fully I’ll get the enthusiasm back that the government stole from me.