Asylum – Dev Diary 10 : Little Tweaks

Due to time constraints today’s development was a little shorter than usual. So instead of trying some big additions I concentrated on a few minor things.

The first item I wanted to try out was adding sound effects to the dialogue system. This was extremely simple mainly because I’d set it up to be extensible from the get go. So now I can have each line of dialogue assigned to an object (to pan the camera to) and also a sound effect that will play when the dialogue starts. For an example the first line of dialogue involves an intercom system crackling into life before a voice is heard. And so I attached the sound effect of the crackle to the dialogue line and hey-presto.

The examine system (yet to code), will allow inventory items to be looked at in more detail, which is very handy for those key code combinations. So I needed to revisit the first inventory item sprite so that I have a larger version available for displaying on the examine panel. This required some very minor scaling tweaks to ensure everything will display as it did before.

Tomorrow is likely to be a reduced development day as well 🙁 Real life getting in the way. But we’ll see what happens.