Asylum – Dev Diary 6

Complicated stuff going on today. Firstly I have now completed the schematic of the first floor expanding it a little from my original plan. I’ve mapped out all the objectives and worked out how the player will proceed through the level.

And so onto the next challenge allowing a trigger that pans the camera across to another object which can then be used to show the player something (door opening) or start a dialogue sequence. This is proving to be a lot tougher than I thought. The dialogue process works nicely and I’ve made sure that it could be translated later if necessary. The camera panning process is just not playing ball at the moment – I’m hoping to resolve this tomorrow. The script is triggering the camera but it’s currently refusing to move and that means that the player is also stuck on the spot; as the process is designed to pause the player, perform the camera motion and action and then return to the player.

The image is intentionally of a low quality.