Asylum Dev Diary 31 – Basic Needs

Whilst discussing the game progress with a friend we got to discussing other possible ideas for game play. One such item was the potential need for food and water. One way I thought about implementing this was to put a noise filter over the game and gradually build that up, along with a tonal shift, as the thirst level got more severe. This could potentially be the first game over situation (well – restart from checkpoint situation). And I’ve been wanting to see about bringing the noise filter back into the game for a while as it does add a nice texture/dusty effect.

So, that’s pretty much what I’ve done. During the opening section of the game the player will need water, and so it will be very important to explore as quickly as possible to find some. In the screenshot below you can see the full on effect of needing water, as time ticks by the screen colouring will gradually head to darker blues, before the player will pass out (game over). At present the noise doesn’t animate (shift) although it is my aim to add that in.