Asylum Dev Diary 36 -Sighting the Stairs

After finally finishing off the lighting situation it has been good to get back into the games actual flow. Well, actually I did make one further addition to the lighting. I added a dim light that I can use to subtly illuminate a room if I need to.

Anyway, back to the games construction…

Today has seen some very positive movements towards the end of the first floor. It is now possible to complete all the primary objectives and locate the elusive key codes required to open the final door before reaching the stairs down to the next floor! It’s strange that one of the first rooms I created is only now accessible whilst playing – everything has come full circle.

In order to get to this point in the game I made a number of improvements and alterations. The guard room in the common area has been rotated round and certain inventory objects have been relocated so that the player is suitably nudged in the right direction. I’ve also added a few more examination objects that help set the scene. With the guard room complete the player can now also get information to help solve another situation. This object is not collectible but gives the player vital information about how to get further in the game. At the moment it’s something that needs to be remembered so I will see what happens when I get it playtested to see if I need to make it an inventory object instead. The one thing I don’t want to do is have the player find the information, walk all the way to where it’s needed only to forget the details.

The thirst situation at the beginning has been tweaked so the effects start before the initial uneasy feeling message is displayed, this gives the player a chance to notice that something is happening before notification occurs.

Some new windows and light sources have been added to a couple of rooms to give them enough light to see when the player doesn’t have a torch.

Next week I can start on the final aspects of the floor and see about the mechanics of the anxiety system – gulp.​

The common room – guard room has been organised to improve the flow of the area. Finally revisiting the first main room I built several months ago.