Asylum Dev Diary 45 – There and Back Again

Due to the excessive hot weather here in the UK it hasn’t been feasible for me to be in front of my PC. It’s just been way too hot and humid for me. So this weeks update is a shorter one than usual.

My challenge this week has been to return the player from the first flashback sequence into the main asylum again. There are a few visual effects that take place to transition the game which are working great, but at the moment I’m having difficulties re-establishing the lighting conditions on the return journey. Strangely the screen goes black and eventually fades to a dark green-blue.

It’s going to take some investigating the noise controller – which I think is causing it – in order to correct the light colouring and intensity. When the weather cools down again I will focus my attention on getting this fixed.

There’s a few additional bits I need to add to the flashback sequence but for the most part it is feature complete.