Asylum Dev Diary 58 – Bang Bang

So, with the Police Officers now moving about the reception area I needed to expand on this so that they could actually see. I decided to draw 2 faded lines that encompass the vision cone of the officer, this will also aid the player in knowing that they are getting too close; although by the time they see the cone of vision it’s probably too late. Once the player is within the vision range of the Officer he stops and immediately aims at the player. At this time the player will get no warning and the Officer will fire three shots. This is one of those ‘game-over’ situations. It’s very necessary for the player to know that there is no option but to run. Most of the time I suspect the player would have already run as you are given ample time and a firm warning of the consequences of not fleeing. To finish off this sequence of events I will need some death sprites for the player, but I’ll leave that for now.

The final addition this weekend was the idle Police Officer. Eventually, this object will be capable of changing types when needed. Such as when the cop is alerted he will change to the armed officer, and he’ll also have a patrol zone. This will let me create stealth areas later in the game where the player will need to avoid or distract the Police.