Asylum Dev Diary 59 – Basement

There was an announcement by YoYo Games (creator of GMS2) about a new feature coming early next year called ‘Sequences’. This new feature will allow the developer to create complex animation sequences for sprites that not only include tweening animation but also code triggers. This sounds absolutely amazing and will seriously help out the animation sequences I’ve been doing for the Police on the reception floor. So, to that end, I am pausing my work on that floor until I can get my hands on Sequences.

My attention is therefore moved onto the next floor and the next part of the game, the basement. This will be the first large-scale area that includes a lot of environmental puzzles and a new NPC to talk to and help (if you’re inclined to do so). So far this weekend I have taken my previous pencil and graph paper map and built up all the walls and the wall collision. I then connected the stairwell from the reception floor to the basement and gave it a quick walk through to make sure everything is looking nice. Obviously, this is going to be a very dark area as there will be no windows or light sources in the basement – well there will be one or two tiny light sources but ‘mum’s the word’ on that front.