Asylum Dev Diary 64 (2019)

A new year, a new development cycle for Asylum. To ease myself back into the development of the game I focused on a tidying up a few things and making some UI improvements.

I did some research as to how other games display dialogue and although I liked my initial design of having the tint box at the bottom of the screen I felt it may be a bit small. So, I’ve changed it so that the tinted panel displays across the whole width and then increase the text size and position within it. I think it’s looking a lot better.

The quick dialogue from the player has also been given a similar treatment. The messages will display lower down the screen and in the large font.

Weirdly, and this might be because of an updated GMS runtime, the player once again was appearing under some blood stains on the first floor. I’ve corrected this again and it shouldn’t happen again.

That’s it for now. See you next week.