Asylum Dev Diary 65 – New Year New Bugs

Just when you think you can continue where you left off last year with development new bugs for previous chunks sneak in.

While I was improving the layout of the UI elements I decided to test from start to finish (where I am now anyway) to make sure all the message text appeared within the confines of the area given.

Well, a very strange and particularly puzzling bug has appeared. When the player returns from the first flashback sequence the screen goes black except for the UI elements and it doesn’t fade back in. I’ve disabled the overlay panel that controls the fading and I’ve disabled the noise shader to see if any of those are the cause and it didn’t change a thing.

I then checked to see if it was any room transition back to the first floor by moving the player from the first floor to the reception area and back again. No issues there. So it must be something to do with the passover from the flashback. It’s going to take more time than I have this weekend so I will tackle it next time.

The UI elements are really coming together now. I made a few tweaks to the sizing from last weeks updates and I also applied the new style to the inventory/item examine panel as well. Everything in this aspect is looking a lot nicer.