Asylum Dev Diary 66

Well, 2019 isn’t going well.

Slightly shorter development sessions this weekend due to other commitments.

I’ve had another investigation into the black screen issue I’m experiencing that only occurs when the player moves from the flashback scene back to the first floor. I am still unable to isolate the issue. It’s very frustrating because even though the screen is black I can still trigger objects and I’ve even set it up so I can get back to the flashback scene – which still works. Also, moving from the first floor to any other room is also OK.

I need a nice long chunk of time where I can really get in deep and work out the root cause. I’ve already removed my screen overlay object that I use to fade the screen in and out as I want to move the code into the Camera object where it probably should have been from the start.

Oh, well, maybe next weekend.