Asylum Dev Diary 67

Progress at last.

After 2 weeks of trying to work out the cause of a bug that results in a black screen when the player returns from the Flashback sequence I have final found the cause and corrected it.

After a lot of debugging I discovered that the Bloom Shader that is used to give the flashback a ghostly appearance was not freeing itself after the player returns to a new room/floor. Once I’d disabled the Bloom Shader the transition back was perfect again.

For the time being I am leaving the Bloom off and will look at it again later.

So, with that finally sorted I reimplemented the full screen fade that was previously a separate object that is placed to cover the screen and then draw the fade box over the top. This time I wanted to place it some where that made sense, so it is now a part of the camera object. Along with 2 functions that trigger the fade (cameraFade(direction, colour)), and check to see if the fade has completed (cameraFadeCompleted()). This has worked really well and is a lot easier to handle than the separate fader object.

So, everything is back up and running as it should and I can now return to the basement development.