Asylum Dev Diary 69 – Mechanical Pipes

After a few false starts this year I’ve managed to get a decent amount of progress this week on the basement area. The one important aspect of the basement is the mechanical pipes that criss-cross around the level. These aren’t just for show, they are important indicators for the player to follow and deal with.

It’s also the first major element that is shown above the player (as the pipes run along the ceiling), so they needed to be added in a way that don’t make it appear that they will block the player. I’m still tweaking this aspect and I suspect I will need to add a drop shadow onto the floor to enhance the illusion.

I know the image is a bit dark. It’s going to be difficult to show screenshots of the basement as this is an area where there are no active lights or windows – just the players torch as the only light source – well, at least to start with 😉

Last week wasn’t a complete development loss though. I finished making the visual alterations to the improved message handlers and dialogue displays.