Asylum Dev Diary 71 – Mechanical Pipes III

This week I completed the work on the mechanical pipes. I’ve vastly improved the shadows and they are looking great – really selling the idea that they are above the player. As I previously mentioned the pipes are critically important in the basement; they are used to guide the player in the complex maze like corridors.

Once that was complete there were a few improvements and alterations I needed to do to the UI. The Quest notification panel has been moved to the top of the screen and I’ve added a couple of delays to ensure it doesn’t display while something else is on screen.

The quick messages have been moved lower down the screen so they don’t get hidden behind the examine object display if the player is too quick in some situations.

The examination panel has been tweaked. The inventory item icon is shown inside the panel rather than above it. The panel has been moved higher on the screen and I’ve tweaked some of the object descriptions to ensure they fit in the 1280×720 minimum screen resolution.

With these little bits out of the way I will be turning my attention to the basement structure properly. Adding in the necessary clutter objects and starting to add in the environmental puzzles etc.