Asylum Dev Diary 72

The first confrontation with the police is supposed to result in the player escaping into the basement. Because of this the police need to be persuaded to stop their pursuit. So, I revised the sequence so that once the player is down in the basement other things take place to remove the heat from Jack (player). This is communicated to the player using the message system.

So, now that the player is properly in the basement it is time to start fleshing out the environment.

I’ve made headway into adding in the first conscious NPC that you will find. He needs you help and in return will help you on your primary objective. Sorry if I’m being vague – I don’t want to give any key aspects of the story away.

The next part for me to do is to start creating the sprites required for the basement. There’s a lot of new elements to put together so I will hold off on an update until the majority of those sprites are complete. I’m hoping to get a few longer development sessions in the next month so hopefully progress will accelerate a bit.