Asylum Dev Diary 74

The Easter weekend has allowed me to spend a little extra time developing Asylum, and I’ve made some big progress.

The Game Over screen is now in and set up for the 2 possible deaths at the moment. I needed to set this up because I had reached a point in the basement development that required a hostile environment to be set up and the consequences needed to be addressed. What is this hostile environment? Electrified water.

There is a section of the basement that is inaccessible to the player until the electric issue is resolved. Although I’m still working out all the finer details on that part.

I’ve put together a nice motion to the water sprites that makes it appear like it’s slowly undulating. I have also created random electrically sparking anywhere water and electric meet. Should be more than enough of a clue to the player that they should not venture into the water.

I’ve also completed a really nice particle effect for the broken pipe that is responsible for the water on the floor. I think I’ve mentioned it before, although particles are really useful for this sort of effect they do not react to light and shadows so they appear fully lit at all times – not ideal for a dark basement. To get around this I came up with the idea of toggling the effect stream on and off when the torch light hits it. It works really well and looks great.

Grunge textures have been added to the floor which is supposed to be in a state of semi-disrepair.

A few other objects have also been introduced including hospital curtains which I can position in any concertina style.

And finally one bug has been squashed. The triggering of sounds effects following a dialogue message wasn’t working.