Asylum Dev Diary 78

Following on from yesterdays update I’ve added in a lot of environmental additions today.

The generator now makes a nice hum when it’s on and I’ve added a start up and shutdown sound as well. There’s also now an electrical sparking noise. And I’ve finally added in a second walk sound for when the player is wading through water – this is particularly good. It’s nice to hear the style of footsteps change as you walk from normal flooring to water logged flooring.

To add a bit of variety I’ve added a second key sprite. At the moment this is only used for a ‘gate’ door, but I plan to add in a couple of other types of key as well; this will help the player distinguish between the different keys he might be carrying at the time.

I’ve added some more pipework to the basement as the main objective is to find the generator. The new pipework will guide the player in the correct direction.

Asylum - Generator Pipework
If the player followed the pipes they will arrive at the generator

And to that end I’ve added a few more examination points and some new floor signs.

Asylum - New signs
Hmm. Which way to the generator?