Asylum Dev Diary 81

Continuing for the initial development of the pause/objectives screen I’ve made quite a bit of progress.

The pause screen (for objectives) now displays a clickable list of quests on the left in newest first order. Once a quest is clicked (screen defaults to newest) a more detailed description of the objective is displayed.

This means I’ve had to go back and update my quest file to include the additional information but it was worth doing. The extra details will help the player remember exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

The display still needs quite a bit of cleaning up, and I want to add a secondary ‘Options’ screen where the game can be quit back to the titles, or exited completely, or, reloaded from the last save point.

I also want to try and blur the game screengrab while the pause menu is up as my visuals look really nice when that is applied.

I also need to add in a key notification box in the ‘New Objective’ notification box to inform the player they can see more information if they want to. And finally, I think I need to add in a visual notification when the player completes a quest because now that the objectives aren’t displayed all the time other than the completion sound effect there is no visual indication.