Asylum Dev Diary 83

This weekend the temperature in the UK has hit a crazy 32 degrees (centigrade) and so working on Asylum was reduced to avoid overheating.

What I have managed to do, however, is to finish off the pause menu for now. If the player presses ESC the options screen is shown by default, which contains the usual options: Resume Game, Reload Last Save Point, Exit to Title. If the player presses Q the objectives screen is shown. At the top of the screen the player can switch between the two pause menu pages. Pressing Q or ESC again will return the player to the game.

A few minor bugs have been squashed.

The dialogue sequence would forget which person was talking (yellow for NPC, white for player) and the colour would revert to white. This has been corrected.

The basements breakable wall was magically rebuilding it self on reload and that has also been fixed. I was setting the value incorrectly – opps.

In the reception hall I’ve rearranged things a little to help guide the player in the correct direction when they first arrive. This might be tweaked again as I build up more of the reception objectives when the player returns.

And finally, the locked state of doors wasn’t being saved and loaded properly which meant that if the player entered a locked room (using a key) and saved the game, on reloading they’d find themselves inside a locked room with no way to escape. This was caused by the recent change to automatically close doors. I’d removed the door state saving because I didn’t think it was needed anymore, turns out it was also saving the lock state.