Asylum Dev Diary 85

This weekend involved working out the communication with the first main NPC (non player character). The Janitor. When the player first meets the janitor he can talk with him and he will tell you what happened and what he needs. In this case 2 items will need to be found. And that’s where it get complicated. Firstly, I need to be able to trigger the dialogue sequence, and once that’s finished change the ‘mode’ so that he is waiting for the first item to be recovered. Once that’s done, he changes mode to the second item, and then finally back to a dialogue state to finish up.

Because the NPC isn’t moving about I opted to use a series of trigger boxes that would remove the previous one once it had been used. So, for the janitor 4 trigger objects are needed. Dialogue, which creates accept object 1, which creates accept object 2, which then creates dialogue 2.

This works well but it does feel a little clunky so I may have a think about combining everything into a single multi-staged object. For now it’s OK.

As I’d finished drawing the flashback sequence last week I set up creating the room in GMS2. For now I’ve put in all the walls and floors, and added in the necessary doors. The next step is to put together all the new sprites required for the environment. I should have some extra time this coming week so I can crash through those and get everything ready for coding.