Asylum Dev Diary 87 – Bug Fix Session

It always surprises me that you can be developing something, you go to test it, and for some very strange reason a entirely different function that has been working for months just throws up an error.

This weekend I’ve been tackling a few of those issues as I start to implement the transition from the basement to the second flashback sequence.

The main dialogue function decided that it no longer wanted to display the actors name or use the correct colour (player text is shown in yellow). So, that was my first fix.

Next, the Janitor decided that he no longer wanted to talk to the player and instead just handed over the objective.

The electric surge spark that is supposed to deactivate when the generator is switched off decided that it would instead continue animating.

And, the objective completed display has decided that it will only show once because it refuses to delete itself once it’s done.

All of the bugs have been corrected, except the objectives display one because I’m not sure why it doesn’t kill itself when it’s finished. The idea is that when an objective is started or completed an instance of oQuestDisplay is created. If there is already one (or more) in existence then the new object waits until the previous one has completed before displaying itself. That way you don’t get 2 objective notifications fading over the top of each other. I’ll fix this next weekend once I’ve had a better chance to take a detailed look.

The other bugs I suspect have appeared because of fixes to the GMS2 engine that just happen to impact my code.