Asylum Dev Diary 88 – Kaboom

Last time during the bug fix session I discovered a glitch with the objective completion notification display that would mean that the process got stuck if the game attempted to use more than one notification at the same time. This was due to an issue with the queuing system I had in place. I was constantly checking to see if there was more than 1 of the notification object and completely forgot that it would always include itself in the mix meaning the number would always be more than 1 at the time the queue had 2 in, so the script would never end.

I’ve corrected this so that the instance checks for its queue position on creation and then only checks again if there are more than 1. So, object 1 will see that there is only 1, object 2 will see that (including its self) there are 2, but will keep checking. When object 1 has finished and destroyed its self object 2 will then check and see that there is only 1 and can continue to display to completion. As there would never be a situation where more than 2 objectives can be completed at exactly the same time the process is good enough.

With that headache out of the way I continued with the sequence to transition the player to the second flashback sequence. This involves a number of items being altered. The trigger box that is required is moved into place (invisibly) when the generator is restarted. When the player hits this new trigger box a series of events are activated resulting in the player moving to the new flashback.

Obviously to start with it didn’t go smoothly – lol. With the generator being added to the basement that activates all the lights I’d altered the dynamic light code to allow for this without realising that it would then cause issues for the flashback room. So I had to go back and tweak the light object so that it would work in both situations.

So, now we’ve arrived in the second flashback. This is another area that I will need to be vague about as it is key to the overall story.