Asylum Dev Diary 96 – Faces II

Continuing from the development last weekend I decided to look around and see what options I had available for creation the characters faces.

As the game is top down you don’t actually see the faces of anyone during the game play (excluding dead characters lying on the floor), but I wanted to have profile images for the people you interact with to ground the characters more.

There’s a few applications available out there ranging from free with paid content to crazy expensive.

I’m currently giving Daz3d a try out and have been having some success. It comes pre-bundled with a female and male character that can be adjusted using dozens of morph targets (sliders that control the strength of each component on the figure, such as, ears, lips, arms, etc). Using a few additional addons I can manipulate skin texture (freckles), tone and ageing.

The rendering is pretty darn good using nVidia IRay so I will probably be focusing on this method for now. There’s a lot to learn but so far so good.

Who is she? Haven’t a clue.