Asylum Dev Diary 99

Starting the year off with a couple of easy changes.

The first puzzle that the player comes across is a keypad door. Initially I simply had the code on the floor (scratched) near the door as a sort of ‘this is the sort of thing you’re going to need to do’ start to the game. However, I think it would be useful to get the player to start exploring the environment straight away, and so I’ve broken the code into 3 pieces and hidden them in the first area. This also helps the player locate one of the additional trinkets.

Next up was something I was working on at the end of last year – the dialogue images. These display a thumbnail of who or what you’re talking to and helps make things feel a little more realistic. The first of these is the unknown voice over the tannoy. I’ve been wanting to replace my tannoy sprite for quite some time so I could update both together.

I picked up a couple of 3d models from to help with the sprites; an old style wall speaker and a security camera. After some 3d modelling tweaks and setting up some lighting and textures I had my dialogue image and my overhead game sprite; and I think they look much better.

New tannoy system in the dialogue, and you can just see the tannoy sprite on the right wall. Debug light rays are still active in the screenshot.