Asylum Dev Diary 100

Wow, 100 development sessions.

This week I have been playing through the first part of the game making sure things work correctly. Well, that was the idea. There were a few bugs to iron out. The triggers and blocked off areas were ignoring the fact the player had a torch after reloading a save point. The trinkets and other settings were not cleared if you continued a game, then started a new one – opps. But, all in all everything is running nice and smoothly for the first hour of game play.

The new black and white shader for the flashbacks is looking great and the aberration filter is working nicely as well (anxiety levels and thirst).

The new dialogue image (only the one so far) is looking great and really helps to bring the world alive.

The reception floor has been completed fully now, making sure that the player cannot roam into areas that shouldn’t be accessible for the moment.

I will continue to test down to the basement area next and once that’s all checked out I will start adding in more dialogue images and the transition from the flashback back to the present needs replacing.