Reflex (Free Game)

Every now and then I’m asked if I have the full version of Reflex (on of the first PC games I created back in 2000). Over the years I’ve searched through many, many boxes in my loft and couldn’t find it.

My PC file archives only seemed to have the demo version installer and it was seeming that the full version and source material had been lost somewhere.

Amazingly after another search I have now found the long lost game and have decided to release it to the world for free. You can find the download on the About page of the ARSoftware website (here) or from the link at the bottom of this post.

The Rules of the game

The objective of the game is for the alliance of worlds to defeat the alien race that has built material draining fortresses on the six planets in the system. This is acheived by the destruction of the reactors on each of the levels.

The Reflex game environment is based on a grid system, on the game field there are various components that change the way the missile behaves. During the game you will be given training missions that will explain the new components making it easier for you to progress.

Some components that are on the game field can be manipulated these are marked with a red control point in the centre of the tile. These tiles include, Speeders (change the speed of the missile) and reflectors (change the direction of the missile)

In most of the levels you will also find plugin ports on the level, these are tiles that have a hole cut in to them so that a new component can be placed. At the bottom of the screen you will see your control panel, this will contain the inventory of your components. The components will vary from level to level and the amount will also vary.

To add a component to the game grid simply click on its icon in your control panel and then on the plugin point you want the component to be placed into.

To remove a component simply click it on the game grid, the component will appear under your mouse cursor. You can then place the component in a new plugin point or return it to the control panel for later use.

You can only remove components that you have specifically added to the environment.

To complete a level you must guide the missile to the reactor. In some levels you may find more than one reactor or even a mission specific structure. You will need to use projectile replicating tiles in order to produce more missiles.

Download Reflex – Full Version

Note: Because the game is very old and written in Macromedia Director 4 it plays full screen but as a small area of the top left of your primary monitor. I couldn’t find any way to force it to play in a window. I cannot offer support on this game.