Reflex – Dev Diary 9

This week I have turned my focus on to sketching up some new levels (8) for the game. I’m using graph paper for the moment as I just start creating a level and see where it takes me. This allows me to go through all the levels and put them in some sort of order by perceived difficulty.

I’ve also mapped out what each world will focus on. For example World 2 will focus on the reflectors, splitters, speed changers and the powered reflectors. World 3 will add in missile holders, laser fences and one way barriers. Each new world will add more features to the mix to increase complexity. This also helps me work out any additional bits and pieces I can add to the game.

Each level takes rough 20 minutes to sketch up and work out. Starting with the start position(s), the eventual aim of the level and creating an interesting route to get there. I then check through the solution in my head to make sure it’s actually doable. Obviously when it comes to actually adding them to the game it will need play testing to ensure that it can actually be done.