Reflex – Dev Diary 12

World 2 is now level complete. The 25 levels that make up the second world of the game are now in place and ready to be tested thoroughly.

This week added in levels 2.19 to 2.25. Although the last two levels do require a couple of new sprite resources that I will be adding in the coming weeks; and the last level requires a new feature – the loot crate. This crate, when destroyed, adds new reflectors/components to the players inventory.

Other alterations and tweaks this week:

One of the multi-floor levels I designed required more than 1 exit on a single floor. Previously the map exit was deemed to be an objective element which mean that all of them would need to be triggered to result in the player moving to the next area. With 2 exits on one floor I had to alter the object so that it would trigger the move to the next area if only one exit had been activated.

The end piece in my wall tiles need to be tweaked a little bit. Nothing major I just felt that it would be better if the end of the wall lined up properly with other pieces such as the corner tile.

That’s it for this week. Next week I’m turning my attention back to Asylum.