Reflex – Dev Diary 14

Some very good progress was made this week. Adding in 2 new objective objects: the communications dish, and the space cannon.

Both of these objects are for later stage objectives and I’ve given them some really nice animations. The dish will randomly reorient its self, and the cannon rotates and fires occasionally, adding to the atmosphere of the game.

For both of these items I wanted to use a much stronger explosion. Fortunately I found a great asset website ( that has a great collection of royalty free fx sequences.

For another visual effect I’ve added a short vapour trail to the missile. A short stream of particles is expelled from the exhaust. The benefit of this is they flow around corners when the missile changes direction.

Weapon Crates are now also possible in the game. These crates once hit with a missile gives the player some additional resources for use. It will be down to the player to decide whether they can get the crate and if it’s worth the effort. At the moment I still need to give the player a visual indication of the items they’ve just collected but I will be sorting that out next week.