Reflex – Dev Diary 21 – GMS2.3.1

I’ve been a bit busy over the last couple of weeks that has meant progress has been a bit stunted.

The main focus, however, has been installing and checking out the newly release update GameStudio 2.3.1. This update adds in a fair few new features, fixes a ton of bugs, but also seems to introduce a few new ones 🙁

First up, the compiler can now target windows x64. This was very exciting as it should result in a performance bump compared to the usual x86 compilation. Unfortunately it seems to be a bit buggy and Reflex will not play correctly when compiled as x64. I’m not going to worry about that just at the moment.

The second bug, which I have reported to YoYo concerns changing screen resolutions within a game. When you jump from full screen to windowed mode it triggers a very strange continually scaling image of the game. Hopefully they’ll respond to my post and it will be fixed.

Otherwise the game runs fine in the new version.

The rest of the time I’ve been continuing the sketches of the World 3 levels. I now have 15 levels designed and ready to go. Just another 10 needed for this world. The reason I sketch them on paper first is so I can have them all separate and then look through them and decide on a suitable order. If I created them directly in GMS it would make life difficult having to rename all the levels one by one.