Reflex – Dev Diary 26

World 4 here we come. Over the course of the last week I have finished adding in all the World 3 levels including naming and descriptions. The levels all need testing but in the meantime I am progressing with World 4 mechanics and World 3 polish.

World 4 (spoiler alert) will include a few new features to make the players life even harder.

First up there will be a new laser fence. This new one cannot be destroyed, instead the beam it produces will phase in and out. What this means is that the player will need to time things perfectly in order to slip past the fence.

One way of doing this will be the missile status holder. When missiles enter this tile they are frozen in the place for a set amount of time. The player can release them whenever they like as well. This tile can be available to build but obviously can only be deconstructed when it’s not holding any missiles.

Next up, the enemy has introduced new security measures in World 4 bases. A gun turret. These emplacements will watch the map with a set arc and if a reflex missile is detected – blam! The player will either need to avoid they gaze or try and get around the back and destroy them.