Reflex – Dev Diary 38

This week I continued the revamp of the UI applying the code for the buttons and panels from last weeks dev sessions to the rest of the panels in the game; level objectives display, win and fail displays. The buttons needed a little tweak as the background tint that I used was way too weak when showing the button over the level map – it was fine when over a starfield because the background was already dark.

Video playback continues to cause me a few issues and I’ve contacted the extension developer to see if we can resolve the problems I’m having. The intro animation and doesn’t want to play when the screen resolution and GUI layer resolution don’t match (any display that isn’t 1920×1080). The tutorials, despite always showing at the same size also have trouble looping at times. Hopefully we can work out what’s happening and fix it.

And so it’s on to World 5 graphics and level designs. I’ve put together the planet visuals and I will now make a start on the planet surface texture (in game) and start drawing up level ideas.