Reflex – Dev Diary 48

An absolutely ton of development work was done on Reflex over this last week. The biggest is the addition of a transition sequence between worlds – more later. But lets first go through the other improvements and alterations in the game.

I’ve been steadily going through the levels of the game and updating the time requirements in line with the change to the game clock last week. I need to check each level and set the star rewards accordingly.

There was a bug involving the camera when moving to a static screen such as a menu. The camera would be offset and cause the sprites on the screen to be out of place. This was caused by the level requiring the camera to be fixed to move in a certain area and this restriction was not being lifted when moving to a menu screen. Took me a while to find this little gem of a bug.

The power box objects that can be destroyed to switch off certain reflectors in the levels now has a damaged state instead of just disappearing.

The level selector wasn’t displaying the correct page of levels when you load a game. For example if you had previously unlocked level 7 the game would load and show you up to level 6 instead. This has now been fixed.

The construction and deconstruction times for the player built reflectors has been sped up slightly. I may tweak this again later depending on how my play testers get on.

And finally the big new feature that I’ve been wanting to do for some time. World Transitions. Basically when the player completes all the levels in a world they obviously proceed to the next world, however, I wanted to add an animated sequence to make it clear that the player has progressed. And so I present the transition sequence between the training station (world1) and world 2.