Reflex – Dev Diary 49 – Achievements

Another big week for additions, improvements and alterations. My play tester reported back an irritation he was having with the way the radial menu worked. Basically if you open a radial menu for a socket that is too close to the edge of the screen the menu wouldn’t be fully visible (because it surrounds the selected tile), however when you drag the screen to move it into view the radial menu would automatically close. This was be design but was obviously annoying the play tester so I have changed it so that the socket menu will stay open while you drag the screen. He approved of this alteration 🙂

The UI for the main menu was tweak and enhanced to ensure that the save point displays always fit correctly and were spaced out regardless of the resolution being used.

The timer was being reset when the player progressed to a sub-level. These are levels that have more than one floor. This issue has been fixed and the timer will continue where it was – as it should.

I’ve now gone through every level in the game (still a couple missing) and added in the external lights that illuminate the launchpads.

But, the big addition for this week, in preparation for the future Steam platform release, is the inclusion of achievements (or Trophies if your a playstation fan). So far I’ve added 26 achievements to the game along with the required badges. Using the Playstation as a guide an achievement notice will popup when it’s awarded top left of the screen. There is also a new button on the main menu where you can view a complete list of achievements to see which ones you have and haven’t unlocked (some are hidden though).

I’ll probably be adding a few more as I continue playing through the game myself. I myself enjoy trophy hunting in games providing they’re not ridiculously complicated or long winded (looking at you Assassins Creed Valhalla). So, most of the achievements are the sorts of things you would win by simply playing through the game, such as; build 100 components, destroy a communication dish, rotate 100 components. but there are a few that will require a little bit of working out, such as; Have a second missile enter a holder while another missile is already locked in place, or, increase the speed of the missile to the max.

We’re getting close to the final push now. I have a couple of levels left to design and each week my play tester continues to test out levels, which I will be doing as well. Exciting times.