Reflex – Dev Diary 50

It’s now time for me to start going through every level in the game and making sure that they are all possible and that the time constraints are achievable. This week I have gone through all world 2 levels and made sure they can be completed and my play tester will continue to do so as well (just to make sure).

During the testing I discovered a few minor glitches and bugs that needed to be fixed; such as the weapon crate failing to display the components awarded correctly.

Some additions were also made this week:

On levels that include more than one entrance door the missile will not silently pass through the door that wasn’t blown open, instead it explodes like it should.

The achievements button on the main menu has now been replaced with the actual trophy icon rather than the placeholder T and the scale and scroll buttons have been fixed and completed for the achievement listing.

Talking about Achievements. I’ve added a few more bringing the current total to 33. These new challenges include getting 3 star ranks in all levels in a world, and all levels in the game. I’ve also added in a trophy for completing a level with no components left on the board – which is actually very easy.

I need to keep an eye on the achievement display though as I think it might be possible to ping more than 1 at the same time and in this case the display will not work. I might need to implement a basic queue system to ensure they all display properly.