Reflex – Dev Diary 52

A shorter update his week as time was more limited for me. There was one thing I wanted to do for the game this week and that was the inclusion of a new objective item. At the end of each world (the last levels) the player will now be taking out a large computer server. This serves as the final assault on the world but also links the storyline back into place by giving the player the coordinates for the next world.

Without this new objective item I felt that there wasn’t any real link to suggest how the location of the next world was discovered. Obviously the storyline for Reflex is only minor in the grand scheme of the puzzle game but it’s one I want to make sure is there in any case.

Other than the new objective there has been a few bug fixes for mior display issues; such as the duplicator component not drawing the base sprite properly, but these were all fixed very quickly.

I have also been getting things ready to start building the intro animation sequence. There are new imagery that I’ve been working on that will be needed for the sequence which I will be coding rather than rendering for video. I’ve made this decision so that the intro and outro sequences will play out fully on both PC and Android devices. As I’ve previously mentioned the Android export doesn’t support playback of videos so I would either need to have a graphic novel style intro/outro for the Android version or I would have to code the animation so it would play on all platforms.

As the coding of the hyperspace transition sequence worked really well on PC and Android I felt that it would be much better to take the time needed to code the intro and outro as well.