Reflex – Dev Diary 53

The last two weeks have been rather busy with other non-development real life stuff so there hasn’t been a lot of progress.

What I have been working on is fixing up a few bugs that were preventing my friend from play testing the game on my Android tablet. These were to do with the lighting engine on the Windows version. As the Android version can’t use the shadows I disable all the required objects. Unfortunately I missed a few and that was causing some crashes on Android. Opps.

I’ve also started putting together the intro animation sequence. The game usually starts with the highest world achieved in the background of the main menu. However, when the game is first installed and there are no save games it will default to a view of the home world before ‘the incident’. This allows me to start the intro animation directly from the main menu – kind of like God Of War where the camera pans back and starts the game immediately.

The animation is being coded so that it will run on Windows and Android, instead of using a pre-rendered video that would only play on Windows. This means the build of the animation will take a fair bit longer but I think it is the best option to cover both platforms properly. This will also be true for the end game outro animation.