Reflex – Dev Diary 64

Not long now before Reflex hits Steam Early Access.

This week continues efforts to test and test everything again to make sure the game is as stable as possible when it launches.

There were a few minor Steam integration tweaks I had to make this week. This was an issue with save slot 3 not working. Turns out the code was incorrectly referencing save slot 2 instead – opps.

However, one big bug has been discovered in the game. It only occurs when the game is compiled to native C++ (via the YYC compiler) and not when running as bytecode via the VM compiler. Under this condition, if the deconstruction of a component is hammered with the right mouse button the game silently crashes (no error).

I’ve spent hours going through each line of code trying to identify the cause and finally I have worked out the reason. It appears that under YYC the component is trying to be destroyed more than once. As an object can only be destroyed once the second attempt is for something that no longer exists and so it crashes. I’ve put in a temporary fix for this which works great but I will be focusing all my efforts on sorting out a complete solution before the launch date.