Reflex – Dev Diary 65

This week was focused purely on making sure all the nuts and bolts have been tightened and any remaining glitches had been squashed, ready for the big Early Access release on Steam this coming Wednesday!

The Reflex product page on this website has also been updated to reflect the impending release.

Last week a strange crash was discovered when the game was run under the YYC (native C) compilation. If the player spammed the right mouse button while deconstructing a component the game would silently crash. It turns out that the compiled version could get into a situation where a component was trying to destroy its self twice in one tick (1 millisecond). This bug has been fixed and I’m confident that there are no other situations that will cause a silent crash (no errors displayed).

Other tweaks and changes this week:

And so there we have it. With this weeks update, I am officially drawing a line under the current version. I will be running the final compile to upload to Steamworks in the next day or so after my playtester has completed his run through World 3.

I myself played through the entire Early Access build twice this week to ensure that everything was ready to go.

So, if you are interested in playing my little game you will be able to purchase the Early Access build on Steam this Wednesday at 1pm GMT.