Reflex – Dev Diary 73

World 5 level testing continues, albeit slowly. The levels are really quite complicated and that means it takes quite a few attempts at getting everything right. A lot of the time I sketch a level plan and on paper, it all looks absolutely fine. However, when you get to actually play it you realise that the level is in fact completely impossible. I then spend some time refining it to make sure it can actually be done.

The initial testing on levels up to 5.21 has now been done and is awaiting playtester approval. Just 3 more levels to finalise!

A few bug fixes were needed this week (they only apply to world 5 environments, fortunately). The launchpads when triggered create an invisible collision box behind where they were. This is to ensure that if the player guides the missile back out of the base it is eventually destroyed. Unfortuantely, one map on world 5 (so far) had the launch pad kind of between walls and this created a collision box inside the map – opps. Took me a few hours to realise why the missile was just exploding for no reason.

And finally, the outro sequence and credits are now completed and done. I’m happy with the final result and I don’t expect to have to tweak it further.

All in all, the game is getting very close to completion 🙂