Reflex – Dev Diary 78 – Steam Release

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that the Steam version of Reflex has left Early Access and is complete.

This has been quite the passion project for me, and I am extremely happy with the final product. Hopefully, you guys will be too.

The official release version had the following alterations and tweaks from the last EA version:

Most of the effort between EA2 and this final release was in the testing and tweaking of the world 5 levels. These levels are some of the most complicated and quite often they look perfectly doable on paper, but turn out to be utterly impossible in-game.

I will be monitoring the Steam discussion page as much as I can and will address any player questions that come up.

Happy playing 🙂

Android Release is scheduled to happen at the end of April. I am running through the final tests to make sure it plays just as well as the Steam version. Stay tuned.