Project 2 – Dev Diary 3 – Guns!

I’m taking my time developing Project 2 (untitled) mainly because sales of Reflex have been pretty disappointing so far, and because I want to take my time and work things out properly before I start the main development cycle. If I start the main development cycle.

As you may have seen so far; I’ve been playing around with a procedural map generator, and also some skeletal animation for the main character; both aspects I’m very pleased with.

And so the next stage is guns. Lots and lots of guns. In true Borderlands style I set out the various aspects I would like for each gun. I ended up with:

All of this is generated procedurally to create, well a heck of a lot of guns, more than my calculator would let me work out. At the moment the procedure simply generates and displays the information for each gun one after the other; there’s no sprites assigned so far.

For each variety the gun gets a buff or debuff; so for example one of the companies has increased damage but decreased range on their guns. A decent scope will increase accuracy, and so on. This results in a lot of variation:

With the above examples, you can see some of the variations that the generator can create. In the game the player will be awarded guns randomly from crates and major kills but the level of the gun will be capped depending on how far in the game the player is. I wouldn’t want to give the player a Mk10 pistol right from the start, he would be unstoppable very early on.

Note: Rate of fire is a raw ticks value and is subject to change once I see the guns firing. Accuracy is actually shown as how far the shot could drift from the aim point, so higher is worse. Mind you, saying that, everything is subject to change.