Notes Manager

An easy to use flexible notes and task lists manager designed specifically to work with cloud storage such as DropBox and SugarSync, although you are free to create note books any where on your hard drive. Note books are encrypted for added security.

Create note books how you want by creating any structure of folders you want, you can even change the icon of individual folders to help you identify the contents.


Cloud Storage Friendly

Notes Manager is designed to work nicely with cloud storage such as DropBox or SugarSync. Simply create your note book in your cloud storage folder and it will be automatically synced as you work.

Encrypted for safety

You can encrypt your note books by specifying a password. All your notes and task lists will be encrypted with this password making it impossible for others to read the contents of your notebook.

Create Rich Notes

Your notes can be embellished using the usual Microsoft Word stylings such as bold, italic, underline, headings, etc. You can also add images and tables to your notes.

Create Task Lists

Add task lists to your note book to help unclutter your life. Tasks can have a title, description, priority, start date, due date and progress percentage.

Create Custom Lists

Easily create a new list with a custom set of columns. Make a list for keeping track of software registrations, monthly shopping, the possibilities are endless.

Attach files to your notes

You can assign multiple files to your notes and task lists. These files are stored in your note book (not encrypted) allowing you to access them quickly and easily.

Spell Checker

Notes Manager notes can be spell checked any time you need to and supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Import Notes from other files (and Evernote)

You can import HTML, plain text and rich text files into your note book. If you have an Evernote account you can export your notes (.enex) and import them into a specific folder in your note book. Evernote does not export folder details with your notes so all evernotes notes have to be imported into a single folder.

Reorganise at any time

You can drag and drop your notes into other folders at any time you want. You can even copy and duplicate your notes.

Start with Windows and open last note book

You can have Notes Manager start up with Windows and also open the last active notebook. If you want to you can even get Notes Manager to remember your password for the notebook (not recommended if more than one person uses your computer).

Licence Information

When installing you will be asked to provide licence information. please use the details below:

Username: Free User
Company: Home User License
Licence Code: NM45425-35551-44414-05456-65658-43405

Download for Window XP, Vista, 7