Reflex – A casual sci-fi puzzle game.

Your homeworld has been attacked devastating all life and it’s up to you to fight back. Using the advanced Reflex missile you will infiltrate unknown enemy bases across the galaxy as you track them back to their homeworld.

In this casual puzzle game, you add components to unknown enemy bases that will reflect, duplicate and split the Reflex missiles. You will need to destroy the power generators, communication systems and weapon platforms across more than 100 levels. Each new world brings with it new technology to utilise and deal with from laser fences, breakable walls, gas vents, laser turrets, and the dreaded teleporters.

Easy to learn game mechanics. Click on a base socket and use the radial menu to select the component you wish to build. Be warned though, construction is not instant. Each level gives you access to a set of components and it is up to you to work out the best way of using them.

There are more than 30 different components that can make up a level and you will need to devise tactics of what to build, what to deconstruct, and when. It will not be as simple as placing down components and firing the missile. There will be times you will have to remove a component that is in short supply to get the missile to its destination.

Some of the base structures will force you to react in potentially unexpected ways; such as the rotating reflector and the unstable reflector.

You will also need to handle multiple missiles at the same time. Something that will require split-second timing. For example, you may need to destroy a power generator to take down a temporary reflector in the base before a missile can proceed.

Windows 7+:

Android 8+:

Amazon Fire 6+:

16 Level Demo Version